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Have A Warranty Plan And They’re Not Paying?


Proudly Advocating for the American Consumer



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WCA provides advisory bulletin for manufacture recalls and design flaws

WCA experts can help guide you with legal protection options

WCA finds the best service providers in your area to help ensure a fast, smooth, and quality repair.

WCA will monitor your claim to ensure fast and efficient processing

WCA will fight for you so you never have to!

WCA provides complete and true peace of mind

WCA will enforce your rights with your manufacturer or third-party provider, to get you the results you deserve in case service or parts are not available in your area.

WCA experts will guide you through the whole process: How? What? When?

  • What do I do when I experience any kind of issues with my covered products?
    Call us immediately so we can explore all your available options
  • Can I extend my program with you?
    Yes, you can extend and expand your membership as you see fit.
  • How did WCA come about?
    WCA was founded by industry veterans who saw a void in proper customer support and warranty performance. They therefore created a system to tackle these issues head on in order to maximize the customer experience.
  • How do you really help me with my warranty claim issues?
    WCA has expert consultants who have experience to guide and direct your warranty claim.
  • How is WCA different from an extended service provider?
    Extended service providers hold the liability of the product. WCA sole purpose is to advise, monitor, and guide the claims process.
  • Is WCA an actual law firm?
    We are not, however our experience in the field allows us to direct claims in the proper direction and refer if necessary to a legal support
  • Does WCA need my power of attorney?
    No, however, some claims require your permission and verification with your manufacturer or extended service provider.
  • Does WCA advocate on all brands makes of HVAC, Auto, and Major Appliances ?
    Yes, regardless the brand or value WCA will be able to assist.
  • Does WCA select which service company is best for me in case of a breakdown?
    Yes we do. That’s how we keep things under control. Our goal is to help you retain the best qualified service at all times.
  • How does WCA help me during the manufacturer warranty period?
    WCA looks to make sure the manufacturer is fully liable for all appliance breakdowns in year one and beyond. We are there through the whole process until the unit is fixed or replaced. WCA also monitors for recalls and bulletins on your units

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